What I’m eating this week (3/21/16)

Last week, I made Roasted Vegetable Bowls, Green Avocado Smoothies, Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding, and Chickpea Salad Sandwiches.  The roasted veggie bowls were SO good (mainly because I topped them off with a fried egg), but I didn’t get any good pictures.  Next time I make them though I am definitely going to share, because they were cheap, filling, delicious and healthy – four major things I look for in a good recipe.

This week I’ll be making more Avocado Smoothies – they are so easy and more filling than you might think, and I might have a chocolate-y one up my sleeve ;). I am hoping I’ll be able to share that recipe this week.  And I actually have a lot of the Chickpea Salad leftover from last week, so I didn’t need to plan for that many recipes this week.

This week I’m planning on making:

I’m really excited about everything on my list this week!  Banana bread oatmeal is basically life, so someday when I get some good lighting (AKA when I don’t make this late on a Sunday night because I have nothing to eat for breakfast) I am definitely going to share the recipe.

Because I had some leftovers last week, I was able to stay under my $30 grocery limit this week!  Here’s my grocery list, and receipt from Kroger (subtract $1 for a household item and add $3 for avocados from Whole Foods).  I didn’t end up buying the peanut butter and protein powder – 2 splurge items I’ll have to pick up in an upcoming week.  Does anyone have suggestions for where to buy affordable protein powder?? I would have to spend my entire weekly budget on some of it!



And here’s everything I got!


Other things going on this week:

I got into graduate school at the University of Michigan!!  This technically happened on Friday but I just got around to sharing.  Specifically, I was accepted into the Nutritional Sciences Masters in Public Health program.  This is seriously a dream come true.  I have definitely struggled after graduating from college in 2014 to find a career I’m passionate about, and this just feels so right, you know?  In the last few years I’ve tried to change myself to fit into many different roles, but nothing seemed as natural as this next step. I hope some of you have also felt this way; it’s exhausting to second-guess your decisions, and amazing to find and accept what was meant to be.

I’m also gearing up for my trip to SEVILLE, Spain in April!  I have a friend who teaches English there, and I am so excited to visit during La Feria – basically a giant, week-long fiesta in the streets of beautiful and sunny Seville.  More about this trip coming soon.

Hoping you all have the best week!



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