Dark chocolate cherry coconut poptarts (vegan)

Holy moly. I have been wanting to make homemade poptarts for so long now. This did NOT disappoint, let me tell you. Poptarts are really having a moment I think.  They even have ~artisinal~ poptarts at the Starbucks checkouts now. My favorite flavor of poptarts growing up was cherry, followed closely by wild berry (dat… Continue reading Dark chocolate cherry coconut poptarts (vegan)

Tahini date cookies

Yuuum yumyumyum.  Get in my belly!! Those were my first thoughts after biting into one of these cookies. They're so perfectly sweet and soft and nutty and chewy and many other adjectives.  I would highly suggest that you make them.  AND there is literally no added sugar in these which is a huge plus, as… Continue reading Tahini date cookies

Chocolatey chia seed pudding: two ways

You guys, chia seed pudding is legitimately so good. If you're a skeptic like me, just try one of these recipes and become a believer (they certainly turned me). If you straight up love chocolate, make this classic chocolate chia seed pudding: If you love chocolate but also coffee and bananas, make this banana-mocha chia seed pudding:… Continue reading Chocolatey chia seed pudding: two ways