Whole wheat margherita pizza 

Happy Sunday everyone! Over the last few weeks I've had a couple of in depth conversations with my coworkers concerning what the best pizza place in Ann Arbor is. I tried out one of the candidates the other weekend, Mani, and it was molto bene!! However my wallet and waistline can't afford to try a… Continue reading Whole wheat margherita pizza 

Mocha energy bites

Hey everyone!  How is your Memorial Day weekend going?  Did you do anything exciting??  I didn't have any special plans for this weekend, but honestly I was really excited for a relaxed, long weekend at home after a month or so of traveling and stress at work. Something that I've really struggled with as a recent… Continue reading Mocha energy bites

What I’m eating this week (3/21/16)

Last week, I made Roasted Vegetable Bowls, Green Avocado Smoothies, Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding, and Chickpea Salad Sandwiches.  The roasted veggie bowls were SO good (mainly because I topped them off with a fried egg), but I didn't get any good pictures.  Next time I make them though I am definitely going to share, because… Continue reading What I’m eating this week (3/21/16)

Chocolatey chia seed pudding: two ways

You guys, chia seed pudding is legitimately so good. If you're a skeptic like me, just try one of these recipes and become a believer (they certainly turned me). If you straight up love chocolate, make this classic chocolate chia seed pudding: If you love chocolate but also coffee and bananas, make this banana-mocha chia seed pudding:… Continue reading Chocolatey chia seed pudding: two ways

What I’m eating this week (3/14/16)

One of my main goals for this blog is to showcase affordable, healthy food that will free up your budget for other things.  The amount you spend on food per week might shock you - but luckily, this is a more flexible category than monthly rent or student loan payments (ugh).  For me, it helps me save money so… Continue reading What I’m eating this week (3/14/16)