Dark chocolate cherry coconut poptarts (vegan)

Holy moly. I have been wanting to make homemade poptarts for so long now. This did NOT disappoint, let me tell you. Poptarts are really having a moment I think.  They even have ~artisinal~ poptarts at the Starbucks checkouts now. My favorite flavor of poptarts growing up was cherry, followed closely by wild berry (dat… Continue reading Dark chocolate cherry coconut poptarts (vegan)

Southwestern style pizza

Hi guys! After I made this life-changing pizza a few weeks ago, I haven't been able to stop thinking about ways to get more pizza in my life. I don't order a lot of delivery pizza because 1) I am trying to save money and 2) while a place like Little Caesar's is affordable, I… Continue reading Southwestern style pizza

Berry ricotta overnight oats

So I've gotten really┬áinto overnight oats lately, partly because they're so yummy and easy, and partly because I no longer have a microwave to warm up baked oatmeal ­čśé What happened to the microwave you ask? Well, one of my roommates moved out recently and took her microwave with her. Since I'm moving to another… Continue reading Berry ricotta overnight oats